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Bridging the Gap in

Implant Dentistry

Bridging the Gap inWe are a driving force in innovation and education in implant dentistry to build a better future for our industry and our patients.


Devoted to Dental Implant Education.

ICOI brings together committed professionals within our field to bridge the gap between traditions and new technologies. We provide doctors with the tools they need to deliver the most effective patient experience through our extensive programs.

Together, ICOI members are improving the landscape of implant dentistry and setting a solid foundation for the future of the profession.

ICOI hosts hundreds of events and partnerships to foster collaboration and development within our field. We develop educational programs for individuals and provide networking opportunities for both established practitioners and those who are just entering the field. ICOI members enjoy many opportunities to contribute to their industry and continue to grow over the course of their careers.

Membership Benefits

What ICOI Has to Offer You

Membership Benefits

As a member of ICOI, you’ll have access to professionally produced videos that explain dental implants to your patients in terms they can easily understand.


These in-depth, interactive 3D animations let your patients better understand their diagnoses and treatment options. You’ll be able to demonstrate procedures in greater depth, using key visual aids to cut through any communications barriers.