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ICOI Winter Implant Symposium

Date: January 19-21, 2023

Location: New Orleans Marriott

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This Winter Implant Symposium will kick off three days of dynamic speakers including several pre-symposium half day workshops on Thursday morning. The main podium program will start Thursday afternoon as we hear all about the digital advancements in implant dentistry and much more.

Event Agenda

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Sponsored by IMPLADENT, LTD.

Achieving Synergy in Surgery: From One-Step Ridge Preservation Without a Membrane to Enhancing the Implant Site by Combining Novel Biomaterials with Autologous Growth Factors

Drs. Timothy Kosinski & Robert J. Miller

Hands-on, Attendance is limited

AGD Code 690

Fee: gratis

Course Description: From simple and cost-effective socket grafting to more advanced clinical concepts in bone regeneration, this course covers a spectrum of pliable preformed shapes used for bone grafting procedures for implant placement. Surgical techniques and novel biomaterials will be discussed using Synthetic Bioactive Resorbable Calcium Apatite crystals combined with bovine achilles tendon collagen to form a composite material known as the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs, Strips and Blocks. The scientific and biologic basis of growth factor utilization in bone and soft tissue applications will be reviewed using L-PRF technology combined with the OsteoGen® Plugs, Strips and Blocks.
Course Objectives:
· Demonstrate simple, predictable, and cost-effective socket grafting techniques without the use of a membrane using the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs.
· Review additional surgical applications of the OsteoGen® Plugs, Strips and Blocks covering post-extraction grafting around immediately placed implants as well as filling interproximal and facial gaps after extraction, sinus lifts and onlay grafting.
· Discuss the scientific and biological basis of growth factor utilization in bone and soft tissue grafting applications.

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Sponsored By Salvin Dental Specialties
Extraction Socket Grafting for Implant Site Development

Dr. Avi Schetritt

Hands-on, Attendance is limited

AGD Code: 690

Fee: gratis

Course Description: The long-term success of dental implants is often dependent on the quality and quantity of bone available for implant placement. Extraction socket grafting is a crucial step in implant site development and often reduces the need for additional bone grafting procedures. This course will review the step-by-step procedure for predictable extraction socket grafting. Selection of the appropriate bone graft material and membrane will also be discussed. The hands-on portion of the course will allow attendees to practice and master the technique.
Course Objectives:
· Understand extraction socket wound healing.
· Understand the differences between bone graft materials and their indications.
· Understand the differences between regenerative membranes and their indications.
· Gain hands-on experience of socket grafting techniques


Time: 8:00 AM – 5:15 PM

Time: 8:00 AM – 6:15 PM

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