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ADIA provides resources and training for practice management and clinical team members, with ongoing education programs. ADIA is a component society of ICOI, leveraging the resources of the world’s largest dental implant society to provide training, development, and resources for the entire team.

The Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA) is committed to the ongoing education and advancement of auxiliary dental implant team members. ADIA promotes collaboration between team members in implant dentistry. Every member plays an essential role in implant dentistry, and ADIA delivers opportunities for advancement in education and contributions to their field for auxiliary members of implant dentistry teams.

ADIA Mission Statement

To provide outstanding continuing education and training to the entire dental implant auxiliary team thereby giving them the knowledge and skills to be an integral and indispensable member of the dental implant team.

Achieving the Mission

Working Towards Our
Goals Together

Continuing Education

The Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries provides high-quality, cost-effective continuing education at all levels. ADIA holds multiple-day meetings in conjunction with most ICOI symposia, providing ample opportunities for development and collaboration for auxiliary team members of all kinds.
These meetings bring cutting-edge implant education to our members and help foster comradery and the exchange of ideas with colleagues. This cooperation within the field ensures that all auxiliary team members can implement best practices for delivering quality care for their patients.

Educational Criteria & Training

ADIA has also established educational criteria and training for dental auxiliary certification. These certification programs are tailored to specific members of the dental implant team and focus on developing and broadening the specific skillsets they need to provide the most effective care.
Whether you are an office administrator, implant coordinator, dental assistant, or hygienist, the programs provide thorough and detailed education that showcases the most up-to-date information and strengthens your position as a valuable dental implant team member.

Table Clinic Presentation

Table clinic presentations serve as a forum that allows all dental implant auxiliaries to share their knowledge and experience. Table clinics take place at our ADIA meetings and are 5 to 10-minute presentations given via laptop and presented multiple times throughout the session.
These clinics can cover any topics relevant to implant dentistry and are a great opportunity for auxiliary implant team members to share the valuable knowledge they’ve developed over their careers. They are an excellent way to collaborate with your peers and colleagues. These clinics are also part of the requirements for ADIA Fellowship credentialing.

Working Together

Expanding Our Horizons Through Collaboration

ADIA strives to respond to our members’ needs and requests by providing them with high-quality programs and educational materials for minimal dues. ADIA symposiums also provide our members with the opportunity to conduct a table clinic presentation and share their unique experiences, ideas, and expertise.

Be an active member of ADIA and become part of our educational community!

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Local Programs:

The ADIA encourages groups and office to host auxiliary programs locally. We work with a core group of leading educators and clinicians that are available to assist you in designing and hosting an educational program specifically tailored to your target audience. Education is lifelong endeavor and the ADIA is here to help you.