ICOI Diplomate

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An active ICOI membership is a prerequisite for all ICOI Advanced Credentialing programs

ICOI Diplomate is an ongoing commitment to becoming a leader in the dental implant community. You will need to have completed 120 implant cases, demonstrating diversity in implant selection and advanced restorative procedures. There is also a requirement for 250 continuing education hours. ICOI Diplomate candidates must either author or co-author an article or case report in implant dentistry or have made two presentations at implant meetings.
There is also an examination required by the Advanced Credentialing Committee. This examination ensures that ICOI Diplomates meet the highest standard of excellence in implant dentistry knowledge and skill. ICOI Diplomates must maintain their commitment through ICOI event attendance and continued implant education.

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Three Simple Steps:

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Fill out the digital (see below) or print applications.

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Submit your application with the Fellowship application fee.

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Active ICOI Membership and Active ICOI Fellowship or ICOI Mastership

Diplomate written and oral examination, case submissions, completion of implant education, evidence of presenting tabletop, poster, or lecture presentation, letter of recommendation, and curriculum vitae. Please review application for more details 

ALL members who place AND/OR restore implants. NOTE: You must be CURRENTLY PLACING IMPLANTS to be eligible for Diplomate status. 

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