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The International Journal of Oral Implantology provides ICOI members with access to the latest guidelines, studies, and case reports in their field. It is an essential part of the ongoing scientific research efforts in oral implantology around the world.

With access to this journal, you’ll be able to maintain the most current procedures and techniques for your practice and stay on the cutting edge of dental implantology. Any dental implant professional with a commitment to continued growth should follow this valuable resource closely.

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The official publication of ICOI provides dental implant professionals with the essential information they need to continually advance in their knowledge and skills across many different areas of implant dentistry. Members have complete access to the IJOI, both print and digital, including full-text articles with all tables and figures.

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Systematic Reviews

Stay up to date with the latest developments and best practices for dental implant procedures and other practice considerations and see how these new best practices are making measurable differences in real practices.

Clinical Studies

Follow the latest in clinical studies and controlled clinical trials to stay up to date on the latest methods and technologies in dental implantology. Maintain your knowledge of the advancing frontier of oral implantology.

Clinical Guidelines

Ensure that your practice has the most effective procedures in place for every aspect of patient management and clinical experience while optimizing the everyday operations of your implant dentistry practice.

Case Reports

Case reports on unique cases and rare applications serve to expand your knowledge in areas you might otherwise not encounter, giving you a broader field of knowledge to draw on when making the best decisions for your patients.

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