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Powerful Software for Patient Education

DentalMaster software enables you to show your patients graphics and animations that are appropriate to their unique clinical situation and treatment. This visual approach is often much more effective than relying on technical terms and explanations, removing the need for any pre-existing understanding of implant dentistry to grasp the core concepts presented.

Professional and Accurate 3D Animations

DentalMaster includes top-of-the-line 3D animations that illustrate a full range of dental implant procedures and conditions. These 3D animations are incredibly accurate and carefully designed for patients to be able to understand them easily.

Effective Marketing for Your Practice

DentalMaster includes 3D animations and graphics that can be incorporated into your marketing strategy for your practice. This can greatly improve the apparent production value and professionalism of your marketing efforts.

Complimentary License for ICOI Members

DentalMaster has partnered with ICOI to bring our members a complimentary one-year license of this impressive Personal Assistant SP software, allowing our members to access these valuable and impressive resources.

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Explanations to the patient using the next generation - interactive 3D

Dentalmaster in collaboration with ICOI are launching a new interaction experience with patients.
Using this technology, you as a dentist will not only be able to choose which treatment to present, but also the presentation angle and the desired elements.
You will also be able to compare in real time between several different treatments offered during the presentation.

Personal Assistant PRO software

The best animation software available in the field.
The software includes a bank of about 400 high-resolution 3D animations that explain treatment processes from the simplest to the most complicated and can significantly save time and increase patient consent.


  • Up to 400 animations of the most common dental procedures
  • Powerful and personalized search engine
  • Possibility to make a comparison between 4 different animations at the same time
  • Option to enter an unlimited name or keywords in any language for a quick search

See what we mean about real 3D interactive animation

Using the 3D Model:
A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigate: Utilize your mouse to maneuver the model in any direction.

Choose Prosthetic Options: Select from four different prosthetic options available.

Control Features: Click the button located at the top to pause, zoom in/out, or adjust transparency.

Play and See what we mean about real 3D interactive animation

How it works:

Within 2-4 weeks of joining at the full membership rate, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and install Personal Assistant SP.
If you did not receive this email or need it to be resent, please insert your email at
For further assistance, please contact the ICOI office at

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